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        Moulin des Forges, we take care of everything , events, weddings and other social gatherings. Because customer satisfaction always comes first for us, we are always focused on your idea and what it takes to make your event a success. Depending on your event , we prepare the scene for your party . We provide our know -how at your service.

History of Moulin des Forges

Considered the second mill des Forges, the White flour mill in Saint- Omer floor dates from the late Middle Ages. It was on the Stewardship Plan 1789 ; its history is known from the nineteenth century. At the beginning of this century , it belongs to Frédéric de La Rochefoucauld who sells Beaurain of Zizonière 9 vendémaire year XII. It already has the abbey buildings of the abbey of Beaupré, in the town of Achy . After his death , his son inherited in Beaurain of Gévécourt and sells Delaporte in 1830 with the first of Moulin des Forges istant 200m.

At that time, the mill, the implants perpendicular to the river, is leased to menier Toussaint Cocu . Prosper Lebon acquired in 1844. The latter carries out important work , in particular by increasing the hydraulic foce in 1849 by the installation of a vertical wheel underneath wider , especially with the construction in 1868 of a second body brick building , located in return, to the east of the original building . It seems that at the same time, the old mill is also modernized and surelevé a floor. The north façade , with its lack of homogeneity , shows two simultaneous campaigns work . Shortly after , the new miller whole is owned by Joseph Breton , which appears in 1872. In the early twentieth century , the site e knows other expansions to the west. The date of cessation of activity is unknown.

Abandoned in the 1980s , the mill was purchased in March 1989 by new owners who turn into hotel . A portion of the drive shaft is retained Brick Belfort . A new waterwheel simple vertical blades for decorative purposes , was put together in 1990 .



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